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Much of the fun of stock photography is seeing which of your images have sold. Sometimes this can be extremely surprising as what the photographer may view as a 'snapshot' could end up as your biggest seller.

Below are listed our current top three images of all time:

1. Traditional-country kitchen, gas range-cooker, wooden-worktops, ceramic Belfast / Butler sink, window image:

Stock photo of a country kitchen with Belfast sink.

This was in fact an image of a kitchen belonging to a relative of the photographer just before they moved from one cottage to a larger one. The image has been used on the San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine's website in an article entitled 'Budget-Friendly Ways to Fix Up Your Home'. However, most interestingly the image has been used by Giani to advertise their products to be used on granite worktops. Can you spot the change to the image?

Giani Granite Worktops

2. Image of cardboard dolls house, with field and blue sky:

Stock photo of a cardboard house.

This photo was taken on a gloriously sunny, if a little chilly, spring day and is nothing more complex than a cardboard box house sitting atop a countryside stonewall. We planned this to be our take on 'A Place in the Country', making the house from an old box, drawing on the windows with a black marker pen and folding over a piece of cardboard to create the open roof shape. It was then just a case of patiently watching the weather forecast, waiting for a blue sky with the odd cloud or two. This image has been popular with financial and realtor websites.

3. Image of flag / hole / putting green at scenic golf course:

Stock photo of a golf course putting green.

This was one of a series of golf course photographs that were taken either at dawn or the early evening. So far we have located it being used by a hotel booking service site to illustrate a generic facility available at a Cape Town hotel.

Currently, our top three best sellers of this year are the same as sales of all time. It will be interesting to see whether this will change anytime soon.

Posted by Ceri at 13:30:55 on 17/3/2015


Welcome to our latest photography site and thanks so much for taking the time out to take a look. On our blog we will be discussing what we have been up to, what photos we have been taking and what we are planning to do next.

I would personally like to discuss some of my favourite images, both stock photos on this site and pictures in general. I'll start with this one. As much as I'd love to say this was planned, it just kind of happened.

Photo of a teenage boy wearing a hoodie by a graffiti wall.

I had just finished take a few pictures of my son looking miserable at a playground, on purpose, although it has to be said that he didn't have to try very hard. He is not especially keen on being a model and so was wearing a hoodie with the hood up. to hide his face. We were on our way back home and drove past a length of red-brick wall that had some graffiti tags spray painted on and dirty bricks at the base. So, I said to him, pop out and look menacing, and I'll quickly take some photos from a distance.

The lighting was from the side, which created some interesting highlights on his top and shadows. It wasn't long until this image started being downloaded and it soon ended up on websites with articles about homeless children, how to deal with your partner's children being badly behaved, dealing with dishonest children, kids breaking the law, and more. It is always funny to see where our photos end up and how they are interpreted, especially when they are rather impromptu glorified snapshots. The Huffington Post article was my favourite, hope you like it:

Huffington Post - Homeless Children.

Posted by Martin at 09:10:20 on 10/3/2015