About Us

My Stock Photos

We are a small team of very passionate photographers, who like to take photographs of anything and everything - well, often from different viewpoints or unusual angles. After starting to build up a portfolio of images that we considered to be of a high quality, we decided to share them with the world and partnered with iStockPhotos, a subsidiary of Getty Images.

We now hold an exclusive contact with Getty Images, meaning that our stock images are only available on their websites and cannot be purchased from anywhere else, apart from directly through us here at My Stock Photos. The majority of our photos are taken using a Canon EOS 600D SLR camera, with a variety of different lenses, as well as a Sony CyberShot DSCHX50, which is a superb compact digital camera.

Where Our Photos Are Used

Since we began selling our stock photos, we have noticed them appearing all over the Internet, on popular websites, as well as in newspapers, magazines and even some books. These include the BBC News, eHow websites, Buzzle, the British Medical Association, TripAdvisor and the Royal Bank of Scotland, where we appeared in pride of place on the homepage for the bank.

And of course, the beauty of photography is that images transcends language, with many of our stock images being used on foreign-language websites, such as RTL Radio, formerly known to the world as the famous Radio Luxembourg. These are some of our customers:

Some of customer's logos.

The following screenshots show the online websites and news articles where some of our stock photos have been used: Where our stock photos are used.