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We have tried our very best to make sure that, at the time of our website's publication, all of the details and information that is displayed on My Stock Photos is accurate to the very best of our knowledge, and properly researched. The website www.my-stock-photos.com does, of course, not warrant the accuracy and the completeness of any information shown on this website, text, images, web links or any other parts of the content and pages. This is nothing more than a stock photography website, designed to provide digital images to those websites, media customers, authors and anyone else in need of pictures to illustrate articles, brochures, books, etc.

In no event shall we at My Stock Photos be liable for any indirect or special consequential damages, and actually any damages whatsoever. That just wouldn't make a whole lot of sense! These are just photographs after all, and some are editorial stock images, the meaning of which is explained here: iStockPhotos Editorial Information. Basically, editorial images don't require releases and licences, because they have limited uses, namely that they cannot be used for commercial purposes, only as illustrations for articles, rather than actual adverts.

This statement means that My Stock Photos is most certainly not liable for any loss of data or profits, whether in action, in contract or tort, basically anything that comes of using the www.my-stock-photos.com website. Please understand that this means 'as is', without any warranty, representation, condition, undertaking or term of any kind - strictly as expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise. This means that this is, of course, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property, or fitness for a specific reason or purpose. There you are, that's all of the necessary legal jargon over and done with! This website is, after all, about stock photography, nothing more than that really, just a bit of fun and a hobby gone mad.

If you have an issue with any photo that we have taken, then please do contact us and we will of course discuss any potential problem straight away. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this necessary statement and we really do hope that you have been able to check out at least a few of our lovely images within our ever increasing portfolio of cheap stock photos. And if you enjoyed what you have seen and particularly like some of the images, or would like to commission something in particular, then please do tell us. Happy stock photographing!